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About S&P Farm

Who We Are

We officially opened for business in 2018 with several years of experience growing high quality fruits and vegetables. We follow organic growing practices, make our own compost, and mimic our farm and business to the likes of Conor Crickmore in New York, Eliot Coleman in Maine, Curtis Stone and JM Fortier both in Canada, Charles Dowding in England, and Richard Perkins in Sweden.

We are located in Broomfield, CO USA.

Where and How We Sell

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We send a weekly email, targeting Sunday, with a farm update and our "Fresh List" for the week. The Fresh List shows you what we have available and its price. 

We deliver on Tuesdays. Our drop off location is at 120th and Main in the parking lot of the old Safeway. We also drop off at Maxar for Maxar employees.

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