About S&P Farm Locations

S&P Farm Home Base

We completely overhauled our backyard after moving in. It has been a multi-year project. There was a pond with waterfall, TONS of bind weed, Kentucky blue grass, and so much more. We took it all to dirt and started over with the original intent of installing an area where we could grow our veg and then planting xeric plants and grasses to reduce our overall water usage and maintenance needs.

Adding Chickens to the Mix

We knew we would be adding chickens to the mix of things at some point. That time came in the spring of 2017 when we acquired four Gold Lace Wyandottes and two Black Australorps. We chose these breeds for their personalities, being friendly and calm, their egg production expectations, and their value as a dual purpose bird.

S&P Farm's Additional Location

Here we go! We have 9500 square feet of wide open space that we will be developing over the winter and early spring. This will be where our main production takes place in 2019. We will be updating this project panel as we progress, and capturing efforts via the blog and our instagram account s_and_p_farm. We hope you will follow along!

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