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Farming is not always done when the weather is pleasant and the sun shining. Sometimes work has to be done in less than optimal conditions, like snow!

In order to make progress and get to a stage where we can start installing the fencing we had to finish setting the corners. About a month ago, Brett rented a large tow behind auger and was able to dig 10 of 16 holes. The ground was cold but not frozen. However, about six inches down the ground turns to bentonite, which is extremely hard and didn't play well with the auger.

The next several weekends passed with snow on the ground or having just melted. We could access the area without risking damage to the surrounding area. However, leading up to the weekend of February 16 to 17 the weather was clear and rather warm. It was time to take advantage of the situation and finish the job.

The tracks are from the BCS we brought in two weeks ago!

The ground was muddy and soft. This was both helpful and a hindrance. All the tools and posts had to be carried in by hand. A post hole digger, a giant chipper bar, a sod cutting shovel, level, and other small tools. And while the initial digging was a little easier due to the moist clay, it also clung to the tools readily.

First three posts are in, three more to go

The day was chilly; only expecting a high in the lower 40's. The gray clouds could be seen cascading down the mountain side heading to the east. It was a race against time, but the digging was hard and slow going. The weather would end up winning.

By the time the snow flurries started, there were still three holes to dig and four posts to set. But the task had to be completed, so work continued. About six hours after it started, all six posts were in the ground, back filled, and plumb and true. The cross braces were not installed in an effort to protect battery operated tools from the wet weather. However, the bigger task was completed.

Last six posts in!

In the coming weeks we will complete the bracing, stretch the fencing, and build the gates. That will finally complete the fence and keep Roger and Bugs out. There is still work to do though. We still need to mark and set the beds, bring in a lot of compost, and get ready for early spring plantings like spring onions, snow peas, and early season greens.

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