• Brett Muratori

Setting up a new location, from scratch

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Just wide open space

We were lucky enough to find a neighbor who is willing to have us expand our operations in her backyard. Most backyards have lawns, etc. but not this one! Just wide open space with a very gentle slope from north west to south east.

We are starting from scratch. There are several things we have to consider as we build this location. First and foremost is that we are leasing this land from the owner, which means we cannot really put in permanent infrastructure. So, as we progress with our projects we will have to keep in mind that whatever we put in, we have to be able to easily remove, except for the beds themselves. This means the fence, irrigation, etc. So as you follow along, please try to keep this in mind and understand this as a constraint we have to work with.

We began by getting a soil test completed by Colorado State University Soil Testing Lab. This will help us understand what amendments we will need to make to have happy, healthy produce packed with vitamins and minerals. Colorado soil is composed mainly of clay, so we will also have to address that along way as well.

Next, we measured out the area and squared it off. We rented a trenching machine from Broomfield Rentals and cut a trench about 6" deep around the perimeter which will allow us to bury the bottom portion of the fence we are going to install. The intent of the fence is to protect our crops from the rabbits in the neighborhood.

Our next step is to dig holes for posts at the corners and to frame in a gate for ease of access. But, I'll leave that for another time....

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