• Brett Muratori

Microgreens Part 1

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Microgreens growing in their individual cells

Do you miss the flavor of fresh vegetables in winter? We do! We found a solution! Microgreens!!! We have been growing several varieties of microgreens for the past month (this as of mid February 2019) and have enjoyed what they bring, not only to us but to our customers.

Radishes growing strong

Do you miss the flavor of fresh peas or radishes? We did, so now we grow them and get to enjoy those flavors through our microgreens. We decided to grow arugula, mixed greens (mild and spicy), red russian kale, purple kohlrabi, pea, and radish. These are some of the micros known as quick crops; meaning they sprout and are ready in about 9-10 days unless you are looking for the first true leaf.

Individual containers in 10x20 flats

Most growers use 10x20 flats to grow microgreens, harvest them when they are ready, package them in zip top bags or plastic containers and then sell them to their customers. We decided to take a little different path; we grow them in small plastic containers that, once ready, we can put a top and label on, and deliver them to our customers live! This allows our customers to cut them when they want them and maximize the nutritional value of microgreens. We hope it also leads to a longer lasting product as we are delivering greens prior to the first true leaf.

Packaged up and ready for delivery

AWe were completely discouraged when, in December, we harvested the last of our greens. We had to go back to store bought greens for our salads. Totally flavorless, until we started adding spicy greens mix, pea, and radish micros on top! What a HUGE difference these micros made! We have been enjoying our microgreens in our salads, on eggs, in soup, on tacos (who doesn't do taco Tuesday??) and more.

Taco Tuesday with a new addition, microgreens

We are totally hooked and will continue to grow micros, at least until the regular growing season starts back up for us! And for sure we will start them back up next winter when our growing season concludes. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


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