• Brett Muratori

Microgreens Care and Harvest Sheet

So, you have just purchased microgreens from S&P Farm and are wondering what to do now. We understand! With that in mind, here you go. A care sheet that provides options for you.


You can harvest them right away if you like.

Harvesting to store - It is best to harvest with a very sharp knife vs. a pair of scissors. The knife makes a clean cut on the stem while the scissors pinch the stem before cutting. This will help the microgreens last longer in your refrigerator. They should last approximately a week if they are not wet or overly damp.

Harvesting to eat – It doesn’t matter which tool you use to harvest, knife of scissors because you will be consuming them.


You can keep growing your microgreens and harvest them as you need them.

Pick a sunny location – the microgreens need light to continue to grow well or just sustain. So, pick a sunny window, or porch area where they can get some light.

Water daily – As these greens are still growing, they need to be watered daily.

Harvest – we recommend you harvest them no later than about a week after purchase. They will start to put on their first true leaf and then a second. By the time the second leaf emerges, the flavor of the greens has a tendency to change.


Microgreens really go well with a lot of things, so we don’t have any specific recipes. Think of them as alternates to their full-size counter parts. We have found that the pea shoots make a great substitution for peas in recipes that call for fresh peas, like pasta dishes. Just add them at the end!

All the greens go well on tacos, sandwiches, burgers, and many more. We have put them on stir-fries, on salads (boosting the flavor of grocery store greens), and eggs.

We hope you find this guide helpful. If you have different experiences, please let us know! We love to hear what others are doing and share that with our community.


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