• Brett Muratori

Open Face Toast with Egg and Micros

Open Face Toast with Egg and Microgreens and a Side of Brussels Sprouts

A quick and easy recipe to kick start your day. Or, if you're anything like me, breakfast for dinner is always a winner!!


1 slice of your favorite bread: sourdough, whole wheat, etc.

1 or 2 eggs (depending on the size of your bread and appetite!)

1 slice of ham

Avocado, sliced

Salt and pepper to taste

Arugula or Greens mix (spicy or mild) microgreens

Butter (because I believe in butter!)


Heat a medium sized skillet over medium/medium high heat.

Toast bread in toaster or oven if you don't have a toaster.

Spread a small pad of butter on toast.

While your bread is toasting add your ham slice to the skillet. Up to you here; just warm it or fry it to add some texture and bite.

Put your toast on a plate and top with ham. Slide this into the oven set to warm (170 degrees) to keep it warm while you fry your egg.

Add a small pad of butter to your skillet and cook your egg to your liking; fried or scrambled.

While your egg is frying slice your avocado and trim your microgreens.

Once your egg is done remove your plate from the oven and add your egg on top of the ham. Add your avocado on the egg or place next to your toast.

Add salt and pepper to taste then dress with microgreens.


The above recipe serves one. If you are enjoying this with family or friends just scale up as needed!


Replace salt with shaved or fine grated Pecorino cheese

Add some spice with your favorite hot sauce

Add some zing with a light spread of dijon mustard on the toast

Replace salt and ham with crispy bacon (if you fry your bacon in the skillet, use the bacon fat in place of the butter when you cook your egg)

Whip the avocado rather than slicing it


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